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Tree care maintenance requires a combination of skills to make it work. This includes fertilization, pruning, trimming, pest control, weed management and more. Here at North Charleston Tree Service, we have tackled every kind of tree pests and diseases possible in North Charleston and its neighboring areas, giving us the experience and knowledge to provide you the results you need.


With the resources we have with us, we can diagnose every tree condition easily, and at the same time provide an efficient and convenient solution. Our certified arborists will make sure your vegetation is in its best shape.

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Tree Fertilization

The process of fertilization can sometimes be tricky. When done right, it can bring about benefits such as having a healthy beautiful-looking tree. It provides the tree with necessary nutrients and can help prevent drenching by keeping the roots healthy for better water absorption. 

When done inappropriately, however, it could make your tree sick. This depends on how much fertilizer you applied and what type. To make sure you have your tree’s best interest, figure out the right amount and type of fertilizer to use, or better yet, consult an arborist or tree experts.


Call us now and we can provide you a proper tree fertilization plan that can work wonders!

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