Tree Trimming & Pruning Services In North Charleston, South Carolina

Whether you want a tree trimming or a proper pruning service for your home or your business, we can help. We have the right equipment and skillset to get the job done safely and efficiently. We will take care of your tree’s unwanted branches or stems, including the diseased and pest-infested with ease.


With our experienced tree professionals, we can easily handle any tree or plant-involved scenario you might be in. That includes:


  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Branch Removal
  • Shrub Maintenance
  • Driveway Clearing
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Tree Lopping & Tree Topping
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Tree Pruning and Trimming Benefits

From saving money to having a beautiful well-kept home, the benefits of tree care come in many forms.
  • Your trees can have a more aesthetically balanced state when done early on. This prevents unpredictable growth which normally leads to a deformed state.
  • Regular maintenance encourages growth which prevents diseases before they could even spread. Instead of having it cut down, your tree can live longer and be made into an asset, instead of a liability.
  •  Trimming and pruning can enhance the quality and increase the production of fruits and crops. Timing can vary on different species, so make sure you consult your local arborist for assistance.

The Difference Between Pruning and Lopping

  • Tree Pruning – Focuses on maintaining a tree’s well-being, while keeping its health in check. It’s a method of cutting unwanted branches to improve the tree’s growth. On some occasions, healthy limbs can be cut to improve the air and light circulation.
  • Tree Topping and Tree Lopping – This method mainly cuts off a big chunk of branches and foliage that cripples a tree’s growth. Although it is not recommended by arborists, sometimes it is necessary for emergency reasons.

The main difference lies in the results. While both have similar processes, they have a different impact on their growth. Tree trimming and pruning is a well-thought-out plan to preserve a tree’s well-being. Tree lopping/topping, on the other hand, is a method detrimental to its health.

That being said, tree topping can take a toll on the tree’s health if not planned out well. It usually does more harm than good. Cutting big chunks of branches has a high chance of damaging the tree permanently, making its limbs and branches prone to breaking or falling.

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Helpful Tips

  • Pruning at the right time
    If you want to improve a tree’s form or structure, the most appropriate time would be early spring. The time when trees and plants are getting ready to grow.
  • How to deal with stubs
    Stubs need to be cut at an appropriate distance from their collar. Cutting too near or too far can provide an entry point for insects, thus preventing its wounds from closing. 
  • How to deal with Fruit Trees
    Most fruit trees such as apples, peaches, pears, and plums require pruning at least once a year. Try to focus on the center, creating a vase-shaped space to boost ripening and better picking.

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